Alpine Skiing at the Slochd

We offer instruction and guiding in the ski area for family's individuals or small groups.

Ski Guiding This will allow you to quickly discover all the runs to suit your ability, find the restaurants and toilets - all to suit your needs.

Alpine Skiing With The Slochd- CairngormsYour first hour on skis: Whether you are 7 or 70, you will soon get used to the equipment. Skiing nowadays is statistically safer than many other popular recreational activities... in fact it's just like any other. After the first day you should be pleasantly surprised with your progress and we would like to think you will have a wonderful time!

Your ski expereince: We understand that good instruction, your safety and having fun are so important on your ski holiday. We can guide you in the right direction, our experience and personal service will all help you to have a great winters experience and fulfill your winter dreams!

Alpine Skiing With The SlochdThe Myth: Nowadays the equipment is so safe and easy to use that skiing is statistically safer than cycling or swimming! Many people wrongly imagine that they will be shooting down hill and some worry about going into a ski area. Skiing is a wonderful pastime but it is a must that you have lessons with an experienced ski teacher. You will start on a fairly flat area. Here you will begin to simply move about on skis. Your ski teacher is a very experienced and understanding person who will help you to move forward at a suitable pace. You will probably wish that you had started skiing years ago after your first day on skis!

On Snow Experience: Relaxed introduction to skiing, could be your first day on snow. A very flexible and hopefully enjoyable experience. For the family or persons who want to stay together, who don't want to join a class with strangers. Whatever the reason, you will be well looked after! Don't be apprehensive about going skiing - give us a call!

Where to start at the Slochd!

Please give us a call if you have any questions. We can help you choose the best course suited for you. Phone or email us. Tel: 01479 841666.

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